We can provide a wide variety of breads, buns and rolls suitable for your restaurant or catering business.

Current Bread Offerings

We customize all types of breads for restaurants and supermarkets.

From national chains to small independents, we have the unique ability to meet practically any foodservice and retail demand. Hoagies and sub rolls to table bread, sliced loaves, buns, artisan breads, specialty breads, and dinner rolls—you name it.


This classic is the perfect answer to the best sandwich in town. This baguette can be shared with a rustic cheese plate, a bowl of soup or built into an epic hoagie. Available in 18” (full), 9” (demi), or as dinner rolls.


Soft and light-textured bread made with eggs and butter. We love them toasted until golden brown and then generously filled with deliciousness like cheeseburgers, pulled pork or fried chicken. Available seeded or without, in pullman loaves, dinner rolls, and hot dog buns.


Jewish egg bread, braided for presentation. This traditional braided challah is everyone’s favorite. It’s fluffy yet dense and has a great flavor. Makes a wonderful table presentation, sandwich or an incredible French toast. Available in any size and with or without seeds.


Originating in Italy, ciabatta is a traditional white bread with a crispy, yet soft texture reminiscent of the French baguette. It’s also the perfect base to a signature, gourmet sandwich, whether at the grill or over the deli counter. Available in any size. (V)


This classic wheat stalk shaped bread is impressive. We love the Pain d’Epi not only for its gorgeous appearance but because it is the crustiest loaf there is. All of those cuts and angles leave more surface to crisp in the oven. The epi brings sophistication to your guests table or is perfect for a show stopper in a retail setting. Available in any size.


Made from scratch and baked at the hearth to golden perfection. Bloom Bakery’s hoagie roll boasts a light, crispy crust and soft, yet firm interior. Available in 6” ,8” and 12”. (V)


Made with worldly ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, and hand-twisted for authenticity, this flavorful pretzel features a tempting, chewy brown exterior and soft, fluffy interior. Available in any size or shape, dipped or undipped, and with optional toppings like salt or cheese. (V)


Inspired by old world rye breads, this rustic rye loaf is deliciously dense. Our rye bread is made with whole brown caraway seeds and all-natural rye flour, it’s the natural choice for a sandwich with layers of sophisticated flavor. (V)

Seeded Multi-Grain

This flavorful bread offers whole grain nutrition with a soft, chewy consistency-perfect for whipping up a stack of deli sandwiches or toast with a dash of your favorite fruit jam. Available in rustic, pullman loaves and dinner rolls. (v)

Sourdough Loaf

Enjoy the rustic, unique flavor of sourdough bread. This chewy, crusty bread offers a more complex flavor than typical white or french bread, making it a great companion to sandwich meats, soups and toast toppings everywhere. Available in rustic, round, pullman and dinner rolls. (the round is perfect for use as a soup bowl) (v)